Don't be Afraid to Rejoice


How will I drink from that stream
How will my heart sing your praise
How will I lay down in green grass fields
When my soul is so afraid to
[Mineral - The Last Word Is Rejoice, from the album Endserending]

As most of my friends know, I really like weird music. My favorite genre, Midwest Emo, is a noodly indie rock twinged with hints of regret and depression. I came across a song by the old band Mineral, released in 1998, and the lyrics stuck out to me. It's a short song, based on Psalm 23 (I placed the lyrics above). The songwriter was a Christian at the time of writing the song, asking a question: why is it so hard to accept joy, even when God has laid out his hand to guide us?

Jacob at the MP college group preached tonight about Psalm 23, which compares God to a shepherd leading his sheep. His three points are that God is a shepherd, and he provides for us, protects us, and keeps his promises to us, his herd. Here's the catch: we have to follow God's direction to stay under his umbrella of blessing. When the shepherd throws his staff at the sheep, the sheep might not understand why he's being punished. The staff is thrown to stop the sheep and keep it out of danger, but if the sheep rebukes the shepherd's direction, it will run further into danger. Of course, we're the sheep in the analogy, and God's trials are the staff.

If we run away from the trials God sends toward us and rebuke his direction, we will be afraid to rejoice. It feels like every time we stand up, something just knocks us down. You must find peace with the trials God sends us to truly stand under his umbrella. Don't let fear of hardship keep you away from being led by God. Only soyboys flee from danger, but a strong man will fight to the end; worshipping forever.

The song by Mineral left me with questions before, but now it serves as a reminder to stay away from fear. Sometimes I feel depressed, or scared, or weak, but I'll always be reminded that trials are a wake-up call from God to stay on his path, away from danger. That's it for this post; I felt like I should share on here.